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Junfeng Wang wrote on 2011-05-26

Dear Amanda and Leo, What a happy couple you are that I can see from the story book. I can feel the happiness and love from each words you wrote. I met Leo on his first day at work, in the elevator where both of us carrying the same bag given by the company to new employee. During the years we work together, I find Leo is very fun to talk with, he is very nice guy and easy going person, all people who work with him like him. My husband and I also play volleyball with Leo at the same team, there were a lot fun moments as well. I remembered we were the division champion that year. Guess what, I will aso attend my friend wedding on May 28 in ottawa, it must be a beautiful day filled with the happiness from both of you. I am very happy to hear the wedding news, thank you for sharing the wonderful moment with me through this lovely website. Congratulations!

Mel wrote on 2011-05-11

我的東岸好朋友, 還有16天就到妳的大日子! 感覺是又高興又不捨的 高興因為我最好的朋友快要結婚了, 不捨的是因為好像失去了一個朋友. 妳嫁到那麼遠去, 真的讓人替妳擔心. 可是我相信我們的主耶穌基督是掌管一切的主. 他一定會保守我的好朋友. Leo, 我希望你會懂得好好珍惜上帝賜給你的這一位太太. [你們作丈夫的, 要愛你們的妻子, 正如基督愛教會, 為教會捨己. 弗5:25] Amanda, 能夠成為妳的好朋友是我的榮幸. 我常常感恩有妳這一位又善良又好心的朋友. 真難相信我們已經認識了快要十五年了! 妳總是常常先替別人著想而忘了替自己想. 希望妳將來會多替自己著想. 雖然我們分隔兩地, 我相信我們的友情能夠越過地點的限制! 很高興能夠參加妳的迪士尼婚禮. 非常盼望看見你當新娘子的樣子! 一定會很漂亮的! 別忘記當妳需要找我聊天時, 妳只需要拿起電話或打開電腦就行了! 最後, 我想在這裡衷心祝你們: 永遠幸福, 永結同心, 百頭到老! 妳的西岸好朋友, Mel.

Christina Tran wrote on 2011-04-30

My dearest Leo and Amanda, I am very happy and excited about your upcoming union. Thank you for the honor of being invited to your special day and sharing with you beautiful memories. Amanda, you are truly a lucky girl to have the caring and loving Leo to be your husband. He was the first person to show me kindness when I first moved to a foreign Singapore. Having him as a colleague made my life much better and helped me to survive the tough work place. I know you both will have a beautiful and healthy life together as man and wife. From the stories Leo shared of Amanda and from knowing Leo, I am confident that Amanda is a beautiful person both inside and out and truly can not wait to meet Amanda the magnificent in real life. I wish the best for your life together and hope to be able to share many more memories and journeys with the both of you smiling! All the best! With lots of love, your friend Christina (from Hawaii!!)

Auntie Cynthia Wang wrote on 2011-03-29

Dear Amanda and Leo, I cannot be more happier to feel the joy of your marriage. Amanda is a gentle and modest girl with special qualities that are hard to find in these days. She deserves to have a husband who can appreciate her goodness. Although I only came to know Leo in recent years.He struck me to be a real jewel amongst all the young men I've ever come to know. Congratulations!! May God bless your marriage and fill your life together with everlasting joy and love.

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