Maid of Honor: Vicki

Vicki and Amanda have been friends since high school and they have many fun times and good memories together. Vicki will travel to HK in May amidst her busy exam schedule and Amanda feels very fortunate to have Vicki there by her side as her Maid of Honor!  

Bestman: Oswin

Oswin is Leo's high school classmate and the two have been best friends for more than twenty years. They share a common hobby - snooker and have spent countless nights practising snooker together during their younger days. When Oswin got married in 2006, Leo was the bestman. Now it is Oswin's turn to be the bestman. Leo is grateful that Oswin and his wife is traveling all the way from Canada to attend his wedding, and is eager to hear what Oswin has to say in his bestman's speech.

Ring Bearer: Jed

Jed is the son of Amanda's cousin Joni. Jed is a very smart and adorable little boy. He loves going to weddings and is excited about being a ring bearer for the first time.

Flower Girl: AnnaFlower Girl

Anna is the daughter of Leo's university housemate Andrew. Anna is a lovely and sweet little girl. She is not even three years old, and yet she is already an experienced flower girl. This will be her fifth time being a flower girl!